Cyrus Schleifer

Assistant Professor - Ph.D., Duke University, 2015

Curriculum Vitae


Phone: 405.325.1751
Office: Kaufman Hall 343

Research Areas:
Sociology of Religion, Quantitative Methods, Causal Modeling, Family, Education, Income Inequality, Gender

Cyrus's research and teaching interests include sociology of religion, quantitative methods in the social sciences, causal statistics, longitudinal models, and occupational inequality. Currently, his research focuses on understanding religious change and how this shapes - and is shaped by - different social processes. His recent work has focused on the relationship between religion and family, religion and higher education, decision-making in congregations, religion and sexuality, and religious tolerance in America. Several of his recent publications appear in Journal of Sociological Methods & Research, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Sociology of Religion, Journal of Sex Research, and The American Sociologist

Cyrus's research has received media coverage from Time Magazine, National Public Radio's Hidden Brain Podcast, Science Magazine, The Huffington Post, Christianity Today, The Christian Century, Christian Post, and the Sociology of Religion Podcast.

Cyrus also co-coordinates the Advanced Quantitative Methods Working Group (ADQUANT).