Business Meeting Unapproved Minutes from 2015 OSA meeting.

The 2014 Minutes were not read. And not voted on in my presence.

The business meeting promptly followed the last presentations of the day: approximately at 2:15 P. M. The overall mood of the meeting was excellent and we greatly appreciate our colleagues’ research presentations.

The business meeting discussion revolved around two pivotal issues: survival of the association and the OSA Journal.

Survival of the Association
David Ford proposed that the association must do a better job in recruiting greater participation among the sociologists throughout the state in order to survive. In fact, Ford suggested that any decisions made by the handful of association members during the business meeting were part of the problem. To be clear, the association president, president elect, treasurer and all engaged association members must take it upon themselves to grow statewide interest in the association among all academic ranks.

Association Journal
The association journal is currently non-existent and not working. We need to clarify if there is an editor, where the journal is housed, and how we will disseminate future editions of this work.

In order to create involvement we need to invite our colleagues across the state to aid in the following items.
1. What is the 2016 Theme?
2. What kind of web design should we produce and how should it be laid out?
3. How can we create greater involvement among all academic ranks?

Craig St. John has volunteered to create an OSA webpage using OU resources. [I have spoken to Dr. St. John and he indicated that it is a possibility. I’ll follow up again before the end of February.] It is the association that must create a webpage design. This activity should be available to any and all academic ranks so interested.

Christopher Hill has volunteered OU as a permanent physical location for the association. Hill will follow up with the College of Arts and Sciences/Department of Sociology at The University of Oklahoma to see if OU can provide a permanent administrative office for the association.

We need a journal editor, and the association should work before the next annual meeting to identify where the journal’s records are kept and digitize those if needed for the new webpage.

Thanks to those who brought door prizes.
Thanks to Chris Hill for doing a great job on organizing food, facilities, volunteer labor, and two wonderful guest speakers.
Thank you to the undergraduate poster presenters. The award for posters goes in order as listed to:
Preston Lowe, Brittney DeWitt, and Emily Sample.
Treasurer Spurlock has created a certificate of award and will be mailing checks and certificates out shortly.

Respectfully submitted, Charles Spurlock