Diamond Andress, BA 2014, Teaching English in Taiwan.



My name is Diamond Andress and I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in May of 2014. About a year after graduating, I relocated to Taiwan and started a career as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher at the Gloria English School (GES). At GES, I work with students of all ages, but the vast majority are between the ages of 8-13. A typical workweek for me starts at 5 pm on Monday and ends around 9 pm on Saturday. On Sundays, I travel to Taipei with several other foreign teachers to enjoy the night markets, temples, bars, and museums.

There are three main highlights of working at GES. The first is the unique living arrangement. For fifteen months, up to twenty multi-national foreign teachers live rent-free in an apartment on top of one of the main school branches. Similar to the Traditions apartments at OU, everyone has an individual room and shares the common area. The second is only working 20 hours per week, which leaves plenty of time to explore the country’s culture and language. The last is the ability to see students' faces light up as they overcome the rigorous process of learning English.

Gloria English School : http://www.glo.com.tw/en/index.jsp