Loretta Bass Publishes New Book

African Immigrant Families in Another France

From Palgrave Macmillan:

Immigrant incorporation has become a key issue for France and other European societies. This book uses voices of individuals within Sub-Saharan African immigrant families to describe their integration experience as 'Another France.' Racialization is inherent in the immigration process for African migrants, and a low immigrant status is granted, limiting their employment and social integration, and many times irrespective of their qualifications or citizenship documents. First- and second-generation African youth report being, 'French on the inside, African on the out' because they hold a French mentality but are continually put into an 'other' category. The 'power of skin' accords this status of 'immigrant other' which infiltrates all of their social interactions. Further, the practices of French universalism and secularism taken together have become in essence a straightjacket and 'ostrich policy' for France.