Professor Burns gives invited talks at the Global University Summit in Moscow


 In connection with his expertise on sustainability and the environment, Professor Thomas Burns recently was invited to participate in the Global University Summit in Moscow. Sponsored by a number of Russian Institutions and Universities, the conference focused around global issues of environmental sustainability and risk, public health, governance and instability and production and distribution of food and water.

Professor Burns gave two invited lectures: one on possible ways to address mismatches between environmental issues and the institutions that would address them, the other on teaching the next generation about Environmental Sociology in the face of runaway global environmental problems in the Third Millennium. He also co-chaired a session on issues about food and water shortages and distribution

Dr. Burns reported back that it was stimulating and uplifting to meet so many bright and engaged scholars and administrators from around the globe, who were focused on ways of understanding and addressing the most daunting of social and ecological challenges. One of the take-away messages of the Global University Summit is that these are the most pressing and challenging of problems, and humankind is at a nexus at this time in its history. A concerted and sustained cooperation among scholars and policy makers across a wide array of disciplines and levels of governance is crucial.