The Helen Riddle Fund: Sociology Receives Gift to Fund Activities and Fellowships

In May of 2012 the Sociology Department received a considerable monetary gift from the estate of Helen Riddle, an OU alumna who had graduated with a degree in Home Economics. Ms.Riddle had bequeathed money to the School of Home Economics in her will but since the School no longer exists the University split her gift among four departments with interests similar to those of the School of Home Economics. The Sociology Department, with an interest in family and individual development, was one of them. Hence, the Sociology Department established an endowment called the Riddle Fund with interest from this fund to be used to support Sociology Department activities. Beginning in 2013 the Riddle Fund will annually support summer fellowships for graduate students doing research in area of family or human ecology, a guest speaker series designed to bring nationalized recognized scholars in the fields family and human ecology to campus, undergraduate travel to professional meetings or for research purposes, and faculty development.